How to Make (+drink) Greens Juice

I used to hate smoothies.

When I was sixteen and in the darkest days of my eating disorder, my Mom felt the need to make smoothies for me in order to “sneak” more calories into my diet. I would scream and yell and pour the smoothie down the drain.

But not anymore. Not anymore.

I have finally learned to love smoothies because, duh, you can add whatever you want to them and yet somehow still come out with an awesome tasting drink. And they don’t necessarily mean an over-abundance of wasted calories.

In fact, smoothies or even protein shakes, which I tend to have every day, offer more bang for your buck because there really isn’t anything that’s “wasted”. All of the nutrient calories that they may contain are amazing and will give you long-lasting energy, and that’s what we’re all striving for right? Energy.

Moving on.


After work on Saturday, my husband, Ben and I went strawberry picking at my farm. Everybody had left for threats of a storm so we just drove our jeep out to the fields and picked for a half hour or so. We ended up with ten quarts, which for two people seemed like a whole shit ton!

I enjoyed picking so much more now that it was just for me, picking as a job is definitely NOT fun, just saying. So next time you buy local strawberries, thank the person who picked them!!

The next day, I attempted to make a “green” smoothie because we just have way too many vegetables laying around! It’s hard to eat them all, so I thought why not put them all in the blender and drink it.

Perfection. (Well, kind of)


Strawberry + Ginger Green Smoothie

The ingredients:

2 Purple Carrots (Root 5 Farm)

1 Cup Lacinato Kale (Root 5 Farm)

4 Whole Strawberries (Crossroad Farm)

1/2 Peeled Cucumber (Crossroad Farm)

1 TSP Grated Ginger (Root 5 Farm)

1/2 Lime

You can then just literally through everything into a juicer, or I just used my NutriBullet  and it blended everything right up. You can add some NuNaturals stevia or honey if you need it to be sweeter.

I also grated some more ginger for a cool, mostly unnecessary topping.


It turned out to be a little thick so you could add some water to make it easier to drink, but I tend to like thicker drinks so whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I really liked experimenting with this whole juice thing. I think I’ll be doing it more often, maybe mixing some better flavors together next time, although I did LOVE the ginger.

A cool trick: If you have a lot of ginger and don’t want it to go bad, stick it in a bag and in the freezer. The ginger will hold up to a year in the freezer and it’s much easier to grate when frozen!

Hope you’ll enjoy + share.

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