Health + Fitness Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is way to educate and guide you on their own personal journey towards health and wellness. By addressing all aspects of health in addition to eating – exercise, relationships, career, and spirituality – coaching allows the you to become the best version of yourself in all areas of your life.

The answers you seek already exist within you; my goal is to help you find them. 

The truth is: you are already complete right now, as you are. But maybe you just need someone to help you remember this is really the truth.

Coaching is not just about food, although we will talk constantly about what you’re eating and how it’s making you feel. Coaching is also about fitness, stress, passions, and everyday life. In order to thrive, there must be a balance happening between YOU and everything that you do. A lot of professionals out there focus on one specific area (ie. nutrition or exercise) which is awesome and might be helpful, but there’s gotta be more. If one area of your life is lacking, you won’t be able to be the best YOU.

Food and fitness is just one aspect of good health. When you work with me, we will explore all aspects of your life in order to discover your greatest potential.


What’s Included?

I provide you with a ton of resources throughout your coaching journey including healthy recipes, tailored workouts each week, helpful food suggestions, and all the knowledge I have gained from both my fitness training and integrative nutrition courses. Each week you we will chat via email or phone about your goals for the upcoming days. I will then lay out a custom fitness plan for you to follow, as well as a new recipe to try and a new, interesting food to experiment with. Throughout the six months, we will explore topics from gluten-free living to healthy spending to how to listen to your intuition.

My biggest goal for you when working with me, is for you to succeed. Succeed in any way that makes you more happy, joyful, and confident. Success means different things to different people, so as long as you are progressing and succeeding in your own way, tailored to your own unique needs, that is true accomplishment!

Fitness +/or diet plans are also available separate from the whole coaching program. After discussing your goals, I will tailor a fitness/diet plan for you each week. You have the option of four or six week plans. Email me for more information.

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